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We are proud to announce our first ICO created by SUNI and our partner Coinmarketcap with the aim of extending our crypto services and providing opportunities to new investors.

An ICO is a widely used mechanism among blockchain projects, it serves as the main source of financing money to delegate tasks corresponding to the projects.

SUNI ICO is the main base to implement our sustainable products and blockchain to the cryptocurrency communities with objectives of growth and expansion of our SUNI organization.

If you still do not know the SUNI project, we invite you to read our presentation

Transparency and…

Community we are proud and pleased to present our next action with the participation of the number 1 platform in cryptocurrencies Coinmarketcap, our mission is to expand our headlines and involve the vast majority of users who visit this platform.

We continue to add different mechanisms to achieve a massification of the SUNI product in all blockchain and cryptocurrency media.

SUNI is the first sustainable token that was born with the objective of providing support to local organizations to make improvements to our environment, SUNI continually continues to improve its communication channels and technological platform.

In this opportunity with the…

At Suni, we believe that there is nothing more important in this day and age than healing our planet and reversing climate change, with one exception. Keeping our community safe and secure is truly our top priority. In our minds, the goal of restoring our environment can only be achieved when our team holds themselves to the highest order of ethics. We know that navigating the cryptoworld is no walk in the park. That’s why we are dedicated to earning your trust each and every day. We pride ourselves on the transparency, inclusivity, and honesty which are at the heart…

The tiger is a wild animal and is the largest feline in the world, capable of reaching 300 kg in weight. Human activity is destroying its species, it is currently estimated that 3,200 tigers remain in the wild around the world, consequently they are on the verge of extinction. Meanwhile, in captivity the population has also been reduced according to the latest data published by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). If hunting continues, the tiger will disappear in 15 to 20 years.

The main threats that affect the tiger population is deforestation and, as always, the human himself. Unfortunately, illegal hunting…

Deforestation is one of the most recognizable forms of manmade environmental destruction. Between our reliance on wood and its byproducts, as well as the rapid expansion of farming and grazeland, we have left a path of devastation so wide it is literally visible from space.

While cryptocurrency may seem disconnected from this important topic, the Suni project is closing this gap by using blockchain technology to empower individuals, businesses, and organizations to begin reversing climate change. So even when the market is down, our team is still hard at work.

SuniToken, the flagship token of the Suni Platform, was created to represent the Earth and all its beauty. Mankind is more aware than ever that climate destruction and global warming have set us on a dangerous path, so we designed Suni to take the idea of restoring the earth and break it down to its key components. All life on Earth has evolved to exist within specific environments called “ecosystems”, and to heal the earth, every ecosystem needs to be considered.

Suni is at the heart of our overarching objectives, but we needed new tokens to target specific problems. That’s…

Dolphins are unique. Out of all the animals we share this world with, they are one of the few to display nearly-human levels of intelligence, understanding, and curiosity. Over the last few decades, researchers have studied everything from their brainwaves to how they build their communities, and the results of those studies tell us that dolphins are both sentient and sapient, meaning they are both self-aware and able to connect their past actions with future results. Just like us, dolphins live in complex social structures, exhibit incredibly nuanced and pre-planned behaviors, have unique vocalizations to tell each other apart, use…

We continue to expand as our investors continue to adhere to our fast growing project, our goals are sustainable and backed by our technology , our vision is to improve our environment empowering every individual or organization to take action towards it.

SUNI is in the initial stage where we create a strong foundation along with our community, experience, technology and organizations all over the world . Having strong roots is imperative for our project to succeed in its initial stage , thereafter we can focus and develop projects for the benefit of our environment.

We have a long way…

Suni has big news about taking our project to the next level!

The Suni team couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished in this short time. Even though we are barely 2 months old, the Suni project has already secured a shocking level of attention and success. We are gaining momentum, and articles about us can be found in publications such as Yahoo Finance,, GlobeNewswire, The New York Age, MarketWatch, and more. With over 400 holders and an unbeatable price, Suni is primed and ready to become the standard for environmental protection and restoration.

As a community-centric…

If you have heard anything about climate change, you’ve heard about the hole in our ozone layer. Most of us are aware that this is a serious issue, but what exactly IS the ozone layer and how does it affect us?


SUNI supports your resolution to reverse climate change by empowering you to take action in the ways that inspire you. Together, we can heal the planet.

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