Suni has big news about taking our project to the next level!

The Suni team couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished in this short time. Even though we are barely 2 months old, the Suni project has already secured a shocking level of attention and success. We are gaining momentum, and articles about us can be found in publications such as Yahoo Finance,, GlobeNewswire, The New York Age, MarketWatch, and more. With over 400 holders and an unbeatable price, Suni is primed and ready to become the standard for environmental protection and restoration.

As a community-centric cryptocurrency, these achievements are as much yours as they are ours.

That’s why we are celebrating our dedicated holders with our first ever airdrop!

If you are not familiar with what an Airdrop is or how it works, the simplest explanation is that it’s a way for a project to send you complimentary tokens. We want to give back to the supporters who have carried us this far; your faith in the Suni project is irreplaceable. We will supply simple form for you to fill out and return to us, then we deliver $SUNI straight to your wallet, absolutely free. We even cover the gas fees.

Suni is ready to outgrow the peaks and valleys which are both normal and expected in a brand new crypto. When early whales choose to liquidate their assets, it can cause dramatic, sometimes alarming, changes in price. However, riding these waves helps us come out stronger on the other side, with the firmer footing and the crucial stability required for our long term success. Even though the red on the charts looks intimidating to some, we at Suni want to assure you that it is nothing to worry about.

For those who held through these turbulent times, we are repaying you for your hard work and loyalty.

The following rules will apply:

  • You must be in the 1% of original holders who purchased the initial 10 million Suni
  • You must have fewer than 2 Suni sales in your wallet history

Airdrop distribution to wallets will be as follows:

  • <10,000 Suni will be increased by 100%
  • >10,000 Suni will be increased by 30%

From May 1, the form will be published to complete essential data for the corresponding distribution of the SUNI coins to the winners.

The official delivery will begin on May 10 and end on May 25, all information will be validated and examined by our team for manual distribution to each suni holder.

It’s time to evolve past our infancy and grow into a currency which is capable of holding its own in a competitive market. When we launched Suni, it was with a low price per token to ensure it remained broadly accessible in the early days, before its imminent widespread adoption. After this airdrop, we will focus our attention on securing partnerships with charities and organizations from all over the world. Every step we take is carefully measured and thoughtfully considered, so we can present ourselves as a serious player rising above the ranks of countless memecoins. We are no longer just another cryptocurrency, we are an emerging professional influence in the world of environmental protection.

SUNI supports your resolution to reverse climate change by empowering you to take action in the ways that inspire you. Together, we can heal the planet.