Healing the Ozone Layer with Suni NFTs

If you have heard anything about climate change, you’ve heard about the hole in our ozone layer. Most of us are aware that this is a serious issue, but what exactly IS the ozone layer and how does it affect us?

Ozone is a molecule that is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). These particles become a concentrated layer approximately 15–30k above the earth’s surface which protects us from ultraviolet-B (UV-B) rays. The reason this is so important is because UV-B is a form of radiation and, like all radiation, it can have devastating effects when one is exposed to it without protection. This can seem inconsequential, but it is the leading cause of skin cancer in humans, contributes to genetic damage in animals, and makes plants less likely to germinate. Our ozone layer is what protects our world from becoming as bleak and uninhabitable as Mars.

It’s normal for solar radiation to break down the ozone layer from the outside, but our earth had a regulatory system which allows it to remain self-sufficient, constantly replenishing itself as the rays deplete it. It hasn’t been until recently, when humans discovered processes which release ODSA chemicals into the air, that we have been faced with the potential for dire consequences.

In the 1980’s, a hole in the ozone layer was discovered over Antarctica. While it’s not technically a “hole”, it is a massive thinning spot. As researchers study the repercussions of this phenomena, we are continually watching the damaging evidence unfold before us. The domino effect this causes reveals consequences on every continent, and the implications behind them are sobering.

This invisible force is hard to grasp. For the average person, it’s understandable to feel like there is nothing they can do to make a difference. But thankfully, by harnessing the power of blockchain technology, making a difference has never been easier.

Our platform is based around the revolutionary concept that only by empowering individuals will we be able to collectively save our planet. We use our project as a way to free people from the restrictions of everyday life and rewards them for their activism. When we at Suni started brainstorming how to turn the tide on the destruction of our ozone layer, here are a few of the options we came up with.

The industrial revolution changed innovation as we know it. The sudden economic boom and subsequent success caused an era of growth like none before in human history. Unfortunately, we now know that the onset of manufactured products was when the harmful to the ozone layer began to accumulate and weaken it from within. The answer to this is to slowly replace traditional methods with green production processes. This is an established field which makes progress every day, however, bringing an invention to life is not simple or straightforward. It takes time, connections, and financial support, which many of our brightest minds don’t have access to simultaneously. With Suni, it’s easy to submit a plan to update a specific aspect of the building process in ways which no longer have a negative effect on the environment. The project will go through our review process, and once approved, our community will support you through every step, from conception to implementation. Once the project is concluded, simply post the final product on our platform and receive payment for your hard work.
We also must consider how we get from one place to another. Cars changed travel as we knew it, and they are the #1 most used form of transportation around the world. Sadly, they are also a major source of CO2, one of the most prominent gasses that is weakening the ozone layer. Using the Suni platform, you can help motivate those around you to choose green alternatives, such as public transit, using bicycles, or even just carpooling, by starting a Suni Challenge. Submitting a challenge and receiving approval means that the Suni platform will help you access the tools you need to create the next viral movement. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to motivate others. Lead the way with your actions, call others to follow your example, and know that Suni stands with you.

The last example is a simple one. One of the best ways to cut down on harmful emissions is to work towards localized production. Truckers and other automobile transportation is a well-documented aspect of the destabilization of our environment. Using Suni, finding the resources to create a community garden has never been easier. Once your submitted project is accepted, you will have the entire force of Suni backing your dream of creating a local and sustainable edible garden. Once the soil has been turned and the seeds have been planted, proudly post your results on our platform and receive both payment and our gratitude for your step towards a brighter tomorrow.

These are only a handful of ways Suni will be the most versatile tool available for fighting climate change. At Suni, we know that you want to make a difference, but there are barriers which make it difficult or even impossible. By offering social and financial support, Suni is putting the power of healing our environment in the hands of every individual.

Greta Thurnberg is an inspirational example of the change a single person can make with the right tools. Affectionately nicknamed the Joan of Arc of Climate Change, she began championing for our environment when she was only 15. She first started holding up handwritten signs outside of parliament to draw attention to the climate crisis as her schedule allowed. Her passion quickly caught the eye of other activists and her solo protests brought a movement into being. By the time she was 17, she was standing before the U.N., delivering a powerful speech which condemned the lack of action from major governing bodies for their inconsistent focus on conservationism.

That is why we are releasing our Greta Thurnberg NFT, to celebrate her independent spirit and incredible accomplishments. She is truly an inspiration, and we are proud to offer our “Greta Thunberg takes action to restore the Planets ozone layer” digital art.

Join us in enabling an eco-movement unlike any other. The future is bright when we work together.

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SUNI supports your resolution to reverse climate change by empowering you to take action in the ways that inspire you. Together, we can heal the planet.