Introduction to Meta Dex

Welcome to our DeFi tool, created and developed by SUNI technologies

SUNI is a project ecosystem that develops tools and utilities for blockchain investors.

We are proud to present you our next tool that will help track hundreds of exchanges with pairs in real time, this service will be totally free for the crypto investor community.

Our mission is to help you discover pairs (gems) in the different exchanges such as: uniswap, sushiswap, shibaswap, suniexchange, pancakeswap and more than 50 DeFI exchanges included in our platform, each functionality is developed to allow better information in the different chains of blocks and optimize your investments.

Meta Dex is a multi-platform that will be available in native applications for mobile and web, achieving a better information and investment experience, our product is created with the latest IT development standards and different integrated security layers.

Our platform will analyze the different blockchains in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic Polygon, Arbitrum and other blockchains that the community requests.

All functionalities will be available free of charge, users with DSE and SUNI tokens will have the opportunity to receive incentives in our Meta Dex smart contract.

Meta Dex is a decentralized platform, created to list any DeFI exchange automatically, our features are developed based on the needs of crypto investors.

Our features

Multiple Tracker

We will include all the DeFI exchanges that are necessary to track prices, pairs, transactions and detailed information for the community, this feature is applied to any pair created on the different platforms.

The information is obtained from the blockchain and is stored on our servers to send any unlimited response to all users connected through our platform.

Pool Explorer

We will include all the groups created on the DeFI platforms and will be analyzed by our technical team on deployed smart contracts with the mission of reducing scams in new projects.

You will find different verified and analyzed projects that will allow you to carry out safe investment actions.

News and Notifications

We collect blockchain information from more than 100 verified English language sites, updated in real time and notified through our platform.

Customize notifications to the pairs created and get a response at any time of the actions carried out.

Gems Pair

We provide information on newly created and analyzed pairs for community distribution and transaction security.

Smart Contract DAO

Our platform will work with our own smart contract designed for stake performance

Our DAO Stake system will allow you to increase your tokens and investments.

For SUNI and DSE holders, a stake exchange bridge will be granted

The APY will be regulated according to the amount of the deposit in the treasury and the rewards will be delivered every 8 hours to all participants

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SUNI is an ecosystem of projects created for crypto investors