Liquids financing through NFT

The votes in regards to the liquidity proposal have shown that an overwhelming majority of the Suni community would prefer Option 1, which is the gradual introduction of liquidity over time. With this knowledge, we know we can confidently move forward with your support.

We are approaching the next step in this plan by using NFT to create a monthly source of liquidity for steady growth, without sudden movements in price.

Here’s what our plan looks like in practice:
The Suni platform will have an NFT section so you can easily browse the available pieces. Each NFT will be “loaded” with 0.2 ETH worth of SUNI and listed on the Rarible platform. When an NFT is purchased, it will be paid for in ETH, and the new owner will receive both the NFT and the corresponding SUNI which had been loaded into it. On our side, the ETH that was used to buy the NFT will be used to add liquidity to our Uniswap pool.

This works on several levels. Not only does it bring us more publicity, it also improves traffic and keeps us up to date with cryptocurrency trends.

Thank you all for dedicating your time and energy to this. Little by little, we will find ways to change the world together.

Every NFT purchase will include the equivalent to 0.2 ETH worth of SUNI, based off of the price of ETH at the time of purchase. NFT owners do not need to take additional steps to be reimbursed this amount on the set date of April 10th, 2021, as Rarible saves wallet addresses automatically.

We plan to have additional liquidity available at this time to make sure that this transfer process goes smoothly and does not lower the overall price of SUNI.

Available Rarible

Humans have a bright future ahead of them of traveling the cosmos, especially under the direction of the innovative Elon Musk, but Earth will always be our home. With the effects of climate change compounding every day, it is our shared responsibility to protect our planet for generations to come.

This NFT of Elon Musk completing a SUNI project on Mars is a reminder that any one of us can take the first step to building a healthy and thriving world. Our platform will enable environmental activism on a previously impossible scale.

Price: 0.2 ETH
Available: 100
This offer expires on April 9th, 2021

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