Migrate Suni Token & Dse TO MDEX

Welcome to our ecosystem of blockchain products, we appreciate your trust and patience in us, in this article we will show you a main guide for users who are holders of SUNI TOKEN, DSE projects and new users who want to acquire the Official MDEX token.

Our Meta Dex provides a free service for all crypto investors, providing real-time information on pairs of any decentralized exchange, our first version adapts to all market needs.

Meta Dex will become a multi-platform web and mobile, our features will continue to develop based on the needs of users and ideas provided by the community

For SuniToken and DSE users in the Ethereum Network, they will be able to send their coins to the official wallet shown in this article in order to reduce gas costs.

The titular users who have Suni Token and DSE can obtain MDEX as follows:

  1. Deposit Suni Token and DSE to the following address: 0x4da38DC158491decdb88e220d67FF5b00103845c
  2. The shipment of MDEX tokens will be sent on January 15 to the address of the deposit
  3. The value of suni, dse will be quoted in USD from the current price of the transaction, example:
  4. SUNI and DSE holders the price will be 7.00 USD for each MDEX
  5. Applies to any holder of the tokens in Ethereum

For new users who wish to acquire MDEX, the event will be made public on the Coinmarketcap platform and Announced on our information platforms, this information will be published on 15/01/2022

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