Presentation Tiger Gold Token in BSC

The tiger is a wild animal and is the largest feline in the world, capable of reaching 300 kg in weight. Human activity is destroying its species, it is currently estimated that 3,200 tigers remain in the wild around the world, consequently they are on the verge of extinction. Meanwhile, in captivity the population has also been reduced according to the latest data published by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). If hunting continues, the tiger will disappear in 15 to 20 years.

The main threats that affect the tiger population is deforestation and, as always, the human himself. Unfortunately, illegal hunting has put the tiger in danger of extinction and some subspecies have already disappeared forever from the face of the earth. In some countries, tiger skin is a big business on the black market, especially in China, that is why they are so sought after and are hunted even if it is illegal.

According to the Save The Tiger foundation, a powdered tiger bone can be worth around 65 euros on the black market, while striped skins are sold in Tibet and Russia for more than 60,000 euros.

Most of the endangered tigers live on the asian continent. In fact, these cats, which are some of the largest in the world, are national animals in India and Bangladesh. In addition, not all tigers are the same, there are 6 subspecies of this mammal: the Bengal, the Indochina, the Malay, the Siberian, the Sumatra, the Amur and the southern China; they all live in Asia.

Although tigers are from Asia, of course, today you can also find tigers all over the world, because humans have taken them captive for zoos and other activities designed for human benefit. However, nowadays there are also some of them in protected places, some with more space to be free than others, but always guarded by caretakers and scientists. Currently, there are more tigers living in captivity than in the wild around the world.

Among all these subspecies of tigers, the one that is most in danger of extinction is the Bengal tiger or Panthera tigris tiger that inhabits dense forests of vegetation where it feeds on small or medium-sized mammals. In general, they are solitary and territorial animals, but of great size that can measure up to more than 4 meters long (including the tail) and weigh up to 390 kilos, in the case of males in the wild. For the most part, the females are smaller, weighing in at about 180 kilos.

SUNI is the main basis of sustainability, opportunity and decentralisation for the community in the world, growing day by day with effort and professionalism. We are making connections with international organizations to start building our projects for the benefit of the local ecosystem.

We present you a new member of the SUNI organization called Tiger Gold Token, born with its own objective of promoting SUNI and expanding our holders in different DEFI exchanges.

Tiger Gold Token is a Binance Smart Chain ERC-2O token and the liquidity is supplied 75% on Panckageswap. We will use this community-owned exchange built on the Ethereum

network to broaden our opportunities in the DEFI spectrum and therefore achieve higher scalability , technical improvements and easy access.

Without a doubt, now is a great moment to officially present our token. We are proud to present exclusive updates for the entire community enabling growth and adoption through cryptocurrencies and provide a solution for the real problems of our planet.

🐯 TigerGoldSuni — TGS on BSC 🐯

🚀 Presale starts Wednesday 07.07.2021 15:00 UTC on dxsale: Soft Cap: 70 BNB , Hard Cap: 100 BNB

🌳 Min investment: 1 BNB , Max 10 BNB

🍁 Total Supply : 15000 / LP LOCKED: 100%

🌿 Contract : 0x7f0613438d187ddc0a12b27301260016feee2f91

🍃 TG:



☑️Vision: Protecting flora and fauna through our Dapps ; part of the SUNI ecosystem

🧩Tokenomics — TGS employs 2 simple functions : Reflection + LP acquisition as follows:

• Automatic Liquidity Pool ( LP ) :

• 2% fee automatically added to the liquidity pair forever on Pancake Swap

• 3% fee auto distribute to all holders

SUNI supports your resolution to reverse climate change by empowering you to take action in the ways that inspire you. Together, we can heal the planet.