We are proud to announce our first ICO created by SUNI and our partner Coinmarketcap with the aim of extending our crypto services and providing opportunities to new investors.

An ICO is a widely used mechanism among blockchain projects, it serves as the main source of financing money to delegate tasks corresponding to the projects.

SUNI ICO is the main base to implement our sustainable products and blockchain to the cryptocurrency communities with objectives of growth and expansion of our SUNI organization.

If you still do not know the SUNI project, we invite you to read our presentation

Transparency and security actions at SUNI, we invite you to read our actions

The decision to create SUNI ICO is to finance our organization for the development of technological and sustainable products granted to the cryptocurrency community, the funds raised will be allocated in the following categories:

  1. Hiring of IT & MKT professionals
  2. List SUNI on centralized exchanges
  3. Planning and growth of Digital Marketing
  4. Creation and improvement of SUNI products

We are grateful for the trust placed in the SUNI project and the support received by the owners.

The SUNI TOKEN pre-sale will allow you to obtain a more accessible price with an additional bonus, below we present all the necessary information about the distribution and purchase.


  1. A total of five million (5,000,000) SUNI tokens would be sold during the Airdrop
  2. Participants would use ETH or USDT to buy the tokens.
  3. At the end of the sale, the tokens will be automatically distributed to all participants.
  4. KYC is not required to participate in the Sale
  5. The minimum purchase of is 100 USD
  6. Start date Sep 11, 2021 — Sep 18, 2021

The price is set at $ 0.005 per SUNI token. This is set to be well below the price on Uniswap


  1. To buy we must enter the official SUNI TOKEN platform:

2. Create an account and confirm its activation

3. We go to our dashboard and select to buy tokens now

3. We select our payment option and the amount of sunis

Once you have completed your payment, it will ask you to send the selected amount in eth or stable currency to the following address:


When your transaction is confirmed, you must copy and finalize your purchase order, it will be saved in the system for the subsequent forwarding of your suni tokens

Any information or suggestion, you can contact us through our social networks

✅Website Information:



💰Buy Uniswap:

📊 Roadmap:
💎 News Yahoo:
💎 News Investing:

🌅 White paper:




SUNI is an ecosystem of projects created for crypto investors

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SUNI is an ecosystem of projects created for crypto investors

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