SuniToken, the flagship token of the Suni Platform, was created to represent the Earth and all its beauty. Mankind is more aware than ever that climate destruction and global warming have set us on a dangerous path, so we designed Suni to take the idea of restoring the earth and break it down to its key components. All life on Earth has evolved to exist within specific environments called “ecosystems”, and to heal the earth, every ecosystem needs to be considered.

Suni is at the heart of our overarching objectives, but we needed new tokens to target specific problems. That’s why we are proud to release the next token of our own Ecosystem. It’s called DOLPHIN, and it allows us to narrow the scope for investors and other organizations to prioritize how they enact meaningful change.

Our oceans hold 96.54% of all water on earth. However, between pollution and climate change, we are teetering dangerously on the brink of losing this absolutely crucial aspect of our environment. The loss of ocean life would be catastrophic to every other living creature on the planet. Pollution has infiltrated our oceans and seas so completely that garbage patches are developing, some growing to more than twice the size of Texas, and that only covers the 30% of man-made materials we can see on the surface. Climate change is the other rapidly compounding contributor to mass oceanic die-offs. It’s hard to imagine that a change of a few degrees would potentially be the onset of our extinction as a species, however, ocean temperatures change sea levels, currents, and even ocean acidity. The oceans are a barometer for the world’s overall health.

That’s why we released DOLPHIN to help our investors find the right ocean project which speaks to them. Similarly to Suni, 40% of the 35,000 Dolphin tokens have been set aside to fund ocean-related Suni projects. Based off of our previous success with NFTs, we will also be releasing a full set of 3D ocean NFTs (which will be reimbursed with Dolphin) to further offer value to our holders and show our commitment to the restoration and reconstruction of safe and sustainable ocean ecosystems.

Dolphin is the first addition to the Suni ecosystem, but it won’t be the last. As we continue to develop our platform and move closer to our actual launch, we will release two tokens to complete our vision. Eagle will represent the absolutely critical act of ensuring clean air, healing the ozone layer, and protecting birds and other flying creatures. Additionally, Tiger will be focused on issues impacting land, by fighting deforestation, ensuring animal habitat conservation, and defending endangered species. We expect both Eagle and Tiger to follow Dolphin’s meteoric rise of over 30,000% in a week since they will be companion tokens, released with similar intent.

The Suni Ecosystem is growing and evolving to maximize your ability to discover meaningful projects and take concrete actions towards a better future, and being an early adopter will continue to offer incredible opportunities for the eco-conscious investor. The Dolphin token is proof of this, as it has already been an overwhelming success and is drawing the attention of serious backers and new holders alike. The Suni Ecosystem will continue to trailblaze new opportunities for each and every person to step up and take actions to save our planet.

SUNI supports your resolution to reverse climate change by empowering you to take action in the ways that inspire you. Together, we can heal the planet.