SUNI the first sustainable token — BURN 97% Total Supply

At Suni, we believe that there is nothing more important in this day and age than healing our planet and reversing climate change, with one exception. Keeping our community safe and secure is truly our top priority. In our minds, the goal of restoring our environment can only be achieved when our team holds themselves to the highest order of ethics. We know that navigating the cryptoworld is no walk in the park. That’s why we are dedicated to earning your trust each and every day. We pride ourselves on the transparency, inclusivity, and honesty which are at the heart of everything we do. This allows you to be confident in your Suni investments and turn your attention to what truly matters, healing the planet.

Unlike many other charity tokens, Suni has never been about hype or memes. Instead, we are a project made to change the status quo by putting the power of independent activism back in your hands. Our goal is to build a token, a community, and a platform which gives you access to brand new opportunities and move past the barriers of everyday life. Our vision for our platform is unchanged. Simply submit your environmental project, receive approval, and we will connect you with the tools you need to enact meaningful change on a local, regional, national, or international level.

As you may have noticed, we’ve made some improvements in the last few days. There has been a lot of feedback on ways to make Suni even better, and we hear you. In order to honor the wishes of our community, we have officially burned 97% of our total supply and locked 100% of our LP tokens. This is an incredibly exciting time to be involved with SUNI, and it’s only going to get better.

Putting history in motion is never easy. Our team is working tirelessly to bridge the gap between you and rescuing the environment, putting in countless hours to ensure SUNI is an unparalleled success. The team doesn’t just believe in their cause, they believe in each other, and it shows. We share gratitude for everyone who has come this far with us, team and community members alike. Every day is inspiring when we are surrounded by so many talented individuals who share our same set of values.

So how do we continue from here? The same way we’ve made it this far, together.

The path we choose will always be led by the combined voices of the community. We value your input, and have structured our next steps to be guided by your feedback. Trustworthiness and transparency are our two promises to you. Just as it’s impossible for one person to heal our planet alone, it would be impossible for the Suni project to live up to its potential without you.

We truly and sincerely thank you.

Burn Tokens 500 Millons:

Burn Tokens 470 Millons:

On circulation: 30 Millons SUNI

Buy tokens:

Locked LP:




SUNI is an ecosystem of projects created for crypto investors

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SUNI is an ecosystem of projects created for crypto investors

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